10k Race and ParkRun

Saturday 2nd January 2019

Saturday I ran my first ParkRun and it was great, I did wear the wrong trainers though, I was told it was mostly gravel in the park so rather than wear my muddy trail trainers I wore my nice clean white road trainers, BIG MISTAKE! The ParkRun was all on the mud and I got covered in it. After the first mile I gave up trying to avoid the mud puddles. It was worth it though and I would definitely run another ParkRun.

Run Date  ↓ Run Number  ↓ Pos  ↓ Time  ↓ Age Grade  ↓ PB?  ↓
02/02/2019 82 43 25:21 55.49%

Sunday 3rd January 2019

Today we still have no snow and the weather had warmed up a bit – 4º if I remember right so I was warm enough on my run.

Today I ran a 10k race, I did not get the fastest time but it was still fun.

  • Distance

    6.20 mi

  • Pace

    7:49 /mi

  • Time

    48m 30s

Well time to get ready for work, Have a great night all.

One thought on “10k Race and ParkRun

  1. Park runs are rare in the Boston, MA area. We have a few cross country runs that take place in local forests, which may the the equivalent.
    But the Park Run movement seems so much more organized and more of a “thing” in the UK than the US. I’m not sure why.

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