Half Marathon Blues

Sunday 10th February 2019

Although I had been looking forward to this run as I like to push myself, I planned to take it easier as my last run was Tuesday.

I have no problem with easy runs, I can put my music on or a listen to a podcast and just get lost in thought. I do however find it frustrating when I struggle to do anything BUT an easy pace, I know I missed a few days of training but my legs got pretty tired very quick. At around the 6 mile mark my brain was suggesting quitting and going home but I just kept thinking “just 1 more lap”.

A few miles into my run the top of my right foot started to hurt, I googled it when I got home and I was told that it was due to having my trainers too tight. I have been tightening my trainers more recently as I have been getting sore toes from having my trainers too loose, Catch 22??? lol

I will change back to my road trainers now anyway as my trail trainers are wearing too much on one side now, I need to save up for new trainers.

My legs were stiff when I got home and actually I think my legs were better after my Marathon last year than this Half Marathon, I did leave me feeling a bit down to have such a slow run but I was pleased I completed the distance.

I did managed to try out my new action camera – A Kitvision escape 4kw, I had this strapped to my chest in the hope of getting some good footage. The quality of the video was great, not jumpy like my last camera but unfortunately for me I recorded the footage in slow motion and I recorded the pavement the whole time as I did not have the camera pointed up high enough. Next time 🙂

I used the RunGo App again today, I did not play any music so I can hear the directions and boy did I hear them, I am running in the dark through wooded area when suddenly the app would scream into life to give me a mile update or directions, I jumped ten feet every flaming time, I even jumped when I was expecting the voice (100 yards before due to make a turn). I could have turned the volume down but I was so pleased to hear it clearly that I left it at max, I love that app, well worth the money.

  • Distance

    13.10 mi

  • Pace

    10:07 /mi

  • Time

    2h 12m


10k Race and ParkRun

Saturday 2nd January 2019

Saturday I ran my first ParkRun and it was great, I did wear the wrong trainers though, I was told it was mostly gravel in the park so rather than wear my muddy trail trainers I wore my nice clean white road trainers, BIG MISTAKE! The ParkRun was all on the mud and I got covered in it. After the first mile I gave up trying to avoid the mud puddles. It was worth it though and I would definitely run another ParkRun.

Run Date  ↓ Run Number  ↓ Pos  ↓ Time  ↓ Age Grade  ↓ PB?  ↓
02/02/2019 82 43 25:21 55.49%

Sunday 3rd January 2019

Today we still have no snow and the weather had warmed up a bit – 4º if I remember right so I was warm enough on my run.

Today I ran a 10k race, I did not get the fastest time but it was still fun.

  • Distance

    6.20 mi

  • Pace

    7:49 /mi

  • Time

    48m 30s

Well time to get ready for work, Have a great night all.