10k Race and ParkRun

Saturday 2nd January 2019

Saturday I ran my first ParkRun and it was great, I did wear the wrong trainers though, I was told it was mostly gravel in the park so rather than wear my muddy trail trainers I wore my nice clean white road trainers, BIG MISTAKE! The ParkRun was all on the mud and I got covered in it. After the first mile I gave up trying to avoid the mud puddles. It was worth it though and I would definitely run another ParkRun.

Run Date  ↓ Run Number  ↓ Pos  ↓ Time  ↓ Age Grade  ↓ PB?  ↓
02/02/2019 82 43 25:21 55.49%

Sunday 3rd January 2019

Today we still have no snow and the weather had warmed up a bit – 4º if I remember right so I was warm enough on my run.

Today I ran a 10k race, I did not get the fastest time but it was still fun.

  • Distance

    6.20 mi

  • Pace

    7:49 /mi

  • Time

    48m 30s

Well time to get ready for work, Have a great night all.

Steady run

Friday 1st February 2019

This afternoon I had a fantastic couple of days, Thursday evening I completed a 45 minute indoor cycle as it was too cold to run outside (I know bad excuse), I really enjoyed it but I think the run would have been better.

Today I wanted to try another new route so I uploaded one of my running club runs onto my RunGo App and off I went.

The route was labeled as 6.4 miles so only a little over the 6 miles my schedule asked for but with making a few wrong turns and with continuing after the finishing point to get closer to my house I clocked up 8 and a 1/2 miles. The route had huge hills so by the time I got home my legs felt like jelly.

  • 8.65mi
  • 1:19:27
  • 9:11/mi

The RunGo App worked pretty well this time, It did not crash (It only crashed last time because my phone was closing it to save battery) and it gave clear and timely turn by turn instructions. I did find it was hard to hear some instructions over my music though. With my other apps they always mute the music when giving instructions but not this one.

I will check the settings tomorrow and if i cannot adjust them then I will just not listen to music when using the app.

This evening a group of us from the running club went wall climbing at Croywall in Croydon. I had such a fantastic time and felt really knackered at the end and I do have a really large blister on my hand now but I am assuming that just tells me I worked hard right?? 🙂

I will be running my first Park Run tomorrow and I am really looking forward to it.

It is only 3 miles so should be a really fun morning.

Well I am off to sleep now, Night all.