About me

Me Me Me 🙂

This blog was created so I can write about me.

I always liked running and even ran a few half marathons in 2008/2009 and 2010.

I ran my first full marathon in 2011.

I then rented an allotment plot for quite a few years which kind of put the running on hold.

Due to positive changes in my life I gave up my allotment plot and started running again.

I ran the Portsmouth Coastal Waterside marathon on December 23rd 2018 in 3 hours 57 minutes, shaving over half an hour on my Edinburgh marathon in 2011 which was fantastic.

In July 2019 I then ran the LUNAR-Tic River Marathon and followed on with the Dorset Marathon in November 2019

For my Birthday my son booked me to run the Brighton Marathon 2020 but for obvious reasons this has been postponed until September 2020.

This blog is not just about running, I have loads of hobbies and I want to write about all of them so you will find posts about my motorbike, my camping trips, my woodworking projects, DIY projects and anything else I decide to write about.