6 Mile Steady run

Wednesday 9th January 2019

I woke up today way too early with cramp in my calf muscle and a crook neck, I could not get back to sleep after that so I lay in bed reading my email until it was time to get up, I still feel ok though, Lets hope it stays that way.

I am down another 1.2lbs from yesterday which is another bonus.

My favorite meal – breakfast, I started the day with a lovely bowl of oats with strawberry and banana, It tasted fantastic and gave me plenty of energy for my run.


Before my run I had doubts as to if I can complete it at a good pace but I was really pleased with my run, I kept a very good pace and really enjoyed my run.

At 5º it was cold out, I wrapped up warm and out I went.



Todays run was a 6 mile steady run

  • Distance

    6.10 mi

  • Pace

    7:39 /mi

  • Time

    46m 41s


So after the run it was on to cooking the dinner, Chilli con carne on half a baked butternut squash with kale and brussels sprouts and cabbage (my family had rice). I ate a massive meal and now I am stuffed 🙂


Got to get ready for work now 🙂

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