30 Minute Tempo run

Wow it’s another cold afternoon, 4º outside!

Had a lovely sleep, felt well rested when I woke up, lost another 1.6lbs which I like.

I ate the same breakfast as yesterday – oats with strawberry and the send half of yesterdays banana (might as well use my wife’s strawberries up before she eats them all).

I wrapped up warm again, remembering to put my rain coat in my rucksack just in case…It did not rain and the temperature was just right with all the extra layers I was wearing.


I had a great run today, 5 minute warm up jog followed by 20 minutes run at 8/10 effort then a 5 minute cooldown jog, 30 minutes in total.

  • Distance

    3.80 mi

  • Pace

    8:03 /mi

  • Time

    30m 37s

Home to dinner which was home-made Chicken Korma on a bed off steamed kale, cauliflower and grated sweet potato – delicious 🙂


Time to get ready for work, have a good night all 🙂

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