Strength training

Tuesday 8th January 2019

This afternoon when I woke I was pleased to see my weight was down by 3.2lbs. I know they say you should not weigh yourself daily and obviously my weight will fluctuate each day but I enjoy it. I find when I weigh myself weekly it’s too easy to snack midweek with the thought “oh I will burn it of”. If I weigh myself every day just after getting out of bed then its a constant reminder to stay out of that cookie jar! Not that I eat cookies but you get the point.

I started my day off with a quick strength training session before breakfast, I have a great app on my phone which has an interval timer, 7 exercises, 30 seconds each then a short 30 second ish break, reset app and repeat – job done. (Planks, Press-ups, bridges, Forward lunges (with dumbbells), squats (with dumbbells), chin-ups and lastly dips). 

No run until Wednesday so eay day for me.

I cooked Cottage pie with savoy cabbage and cauliflower for dinner which was delicious but I ate too much as usual 😦


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