30 Minute Interval run (ok 33 Mins)

Friday 18th January 2019

No change on todays weight, I am at a good weight so as long as I don’t go up in weight I am happy.

I had a really good sleep this morning which always gives me more energy when I got up. Normal breakfast of oats, strawberries and banana.

I managed to get a lot of housework done and all the dinner prepped before my wife got home from work, she cooked the dinner for me so I could go for my run.

30 Minute interval run, up until now I have been doing a 30 second run, 2 minute jog but wanted to change it and challenge myself more so after a quick web search I found a web site suggesting the following –

  • 2 minute jog
  • 30 second run
  • 2 minute jog
  • and 1 minute run
  • repeat 6 times (33 minutes).

I put as much effort into the run as I could, to me it felt like a sprint, the 30 second runs were hard but over really quick but the 1 minute runs I was pleased each time I heard “Slow run for 2 minutes” come out of my headphones :). I did like mixing the fast runs between 30 seconds and 1 minute each set.

I was expecting my Strava App to be singing my praises with my really fast run but apparently  it was nothing special lol.

  • 4.04 mi
  • 8:14 /mi
  • 33m 17s

Dinner was a lovely cottage pie although I had seconds and felt stuffed for about 2 hours afterwards, worth it though.

Oh well time for work, Night all.


5 Mile easy run with Tigger

Thursday 17th January 2019 I did not get to update my blog on Tuesday or Wednesday as I just ran out of time so my apologies if todays is a bit long. Tuesday I had gained 1 lb and Wednesday no change but this today I had dropped 2.2 lbs which is much better. Tuesday was strength exercise day. I did the same as Friday but slightly heavier weights, My daughter also done the workout with me which made it fun. I think increasing the weight slightly was the answer – I felt really good when I finished. Wednesday was my 40 Minute tempo run – made up of 4 minutes warm-up, 15 minute steady run, 3 minute easy run, 15 minute steady run and finishing with a 3 minute easy run. 5.05 mi 7:56 /mi 40m 3s Thursday afternoon was really busy, I had my usual oats, strawberries and banana breakfast was lovely.


I spent the next 2 hours catching up on housework and getting everything ready so that I can start cooking dinner as soon as I get back from my run. This afternoon I had a 5 mile easy run to do so I thought I would bring my lovely dog Tigger with me. I have mentioned this before but Tigger does not like men taking him for walks. When we got Tigger he was pup and he has always been this way. Tigger would get very exited but when he gets 10 feet or so from the front door he then refuses to budge and sits down. If I try to give him a gentle tug then he would lay down, If I try again he would lay on his back with his feet in the air. This can be embarrassing and frustrating when you want to go for a run. Most of the time I leave it to the girls to walk him as it’s easier. Well today was a good day as he did actually let me take him for a run, Tigger tried to sit down once but changed his mind. We are half a mile from a park so we ran there, in the park I was able to take the lead off Tigger and he ran by my side the whole time. It was a fantastic run although my pace was a little faster than I intended. Total: 5.40 miles in 48:25 8:58 min/mi Today I cooked my very first vegan meal, a veggie-con-carne as Jamie Oliver put it, I am not vegan and have no plans to ever be but when I saw Jamie Oliver cook it I thought wow, this looks great. I don’t think it hurts to leave meat off the plate every now and then either (I know vegan is more than just giving up meat). The meal was really delicious but I put too much cayenne pepper in it, I loved the spice but my wife and daughter was not so impressed, my wife even got a can of drink out off the fridge and stuck her tongue onto it to cool her down lol. As usual I made extra so I can put in tubs, freeze and eat at work for lunch. Well I ran out of time to do a strength workout at home so I bought my camping mat (perfect size, cheap and comfy) and done my workout on my break at work, I have a 20 minute break just after 9 so down goes the mat, off comes my shoes and I do a fantastic bodyweight workout. It takes just under 10 minutes and leaves me with enough time to pack the everything up afterwards 🙂 Well I am off to sleep now, Night all