Dave’s Marathon Training Week 6

Monday 24th September to Sunday 30th September 2008

Total miles for week was 24.67

I did not get time to update my blog at all last week because of a change in training times being so close to work. I thought it would be better to write my training blog weekly instead.

I was very lucky that my daughter J-Leigh joined me on all my runs last week – including my Sundays long run. I do love running on my own, Headphones on and listening to my music I get lost in thought and always feel positive afterwards BUT running with a friend, or in this case my daughter by far exceeds that, we chat about everything from music to bad jokes, I look forward to out next training session.

Tuesday 25th – Interval run: 4.09 Miles in 40:24 minutes, average pace 9:53 min/mile.

Wednesday 26th – Easy run: 6.13 Miles in 1:04:56, average pace 10:35 min/mile.

Thursday 27th – Steady run: 4.39 miles in 40:04 minutes, average pace 9:08 min/mile.

Sunday 30th – Long run: 10.06 miles in 1:27:16, average pace 8:40 min/mile.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays runs was the usual Hill route which made a great challenge for us both.

Sundays run was really good, We picked a great route with not many hills so I managed a good pace, J-Leigh really enjoyed herself which was the most important bit 🙂

We did try the dreaded action camera again, when fixed on J-Leigh’s bike it was still to shaky so we fitted it to a cycle helmet which J-Leigh wore, The picture quality was better but still a little bit jumpy, I will probably get a better camera in the new year.

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