Mr Sat Nav strikes again

Friday I won a medal, Not the nice metal bling type that I love to hang on my wall, This medal displays the words “PLONKER OF THE WEEK” on it, Yep on Friday mornings run I managed to get lost AGAIN!!

Fridays workout was supposed to be a 40 minute interval run, I did not pre-plan my journey as was not sure on the exact distance that I would cover. The idea was that I would run 20 minutes out, turn around and then follow the same route in reverse – What could possibly go wrong???

The run started off good, it did not take long before I found a lovely footpath that ran through some woods, I followed that all the way through and continued along the road on the other side. After a while it was time for my return journey so I turned around to retrace my steps. That was when my troubles really began.

I got back into the woods again and then I got totally lost. I landed up going through several fields before finally giving up and asked Google Maps for help. I managed to locate the nearest road and headed for that.

I must have added about 3 miles extra to my run and lost around 40 Minutes but I eventually made it back to my car.

I was covered in mud and had soaking feet but I was still smiling during my drive home 🙂

  • Distance 4.27 mi
  • Pace 9:15 /mi
  • Time 39m 33s

40 Minute interval run

Tuesday 28th May 2019

Today was a great day for running, why? Well with last weeks travelling I only managed to get one run in!

I am not complaining as I had such a wonderful and needed short break and I got to spend some quality time with my son. As your children get older you see them less and less so I jump at the chance to spend time with them.

I did learn a lot about camping, or to be more accurate I learnt a lot about how dreadful my camping cooking equipment is, I have now upgraded my camping cooker and bought a wind shield to protect it so fingers crossed it will be a welcome upgrade for my next trip (My next Marathon).

I had a good run and the rain held off just until my cool down walk so I was happy.

  • Distance 5.07 mi
  • Pace 8:50 /mi
  • Time 44m 47s

Time to get back to work, Night all

30 Minute interval run a day late

Wednesday 15th May 2019

Well today I ran yesterdays run.

Tuesday was my day off from work, I had the day planned as usual, I had to get my car fixed in the morning then do all the pre-check bits on my motorcycle ready for a mini solo camping holiday I have booked for myself next week, I planned to end the day with a lovely evening run.

Well in the morning I was on my knees in the bathroom hugging the toilet and feeling very unwell, I landed up going back to bed and sleeping the morning and early afternoon off.

I think I had just over done it, I spent the day on Monday cleaning the garden and sheds and did not get as much sleep as I should have.

So Tuesday evening was spent playing catchup so my running week has now started a day later than planned.

Todays run was a 30 minute interval run, I really enjoyed the run even though my hip was still aching a bit.

  • Distance

    3.53 mi

  • Pace

    8:33 /mi

  • Time

    30m 10s

I have however managed to buy myself a new budget action camera (CamPak) and got to test it out today. The camera worked great with really good picture quality and sound. The camera even came with a spare battery and remote control, a nice carry case and the usual fixings, for under £40.00 I am really impressed.

Time for work, Night all

The sun is out to play

Wow what a wonderful day, Perfect for running.

So first Vaseline on feet, sun cream on body, sun glasses on face, little warm-up exercises and ready to go 🙂

40 Minute interval running covering 4.83 miles.

I bought my Action Camera with me again and spent the whole run chatting to myself which was great fun, I did get some strange looks from some people though which was funny. I got some good footage from the camera but the sound did not work (again). I think it’s time to start saving for a new action camera as this one has been nothing but trouble.

Back home to do my strength training workout just in time for dinner 🙂

Oh well its time for work. Night all

Interval run

Tuesday 22nd January 2019

Wow this morning was fresh – 1º in fact.

It was later than I planned to go for my run, I was aiming for a midnight run but in fact it was just after 4am instead. I did put on my rain coat for my warm-up jog but took that off after as I knew I would get too warm when I started running.

Todays was interval running day.

  • Distance

    3.75 mi

  • Pace

    8:49 /mi

  • Time

    33m 7s

I am so exited – I have manage to book a place in the Dorset Marathon for November.

The Marathon is 27.7 miles which is more than I have ever ran before but the scenery looks fantastic, it does have loads of hills so after my half marathon in March I will have to start some hill and trail training.

The hotels in the area are a little more expensive than I expected but I have 10 months to save 🙂

Well I am off to sleep now as back to work tonight, Night all.


30 Minute Interval run (ok 33 Mins)

Friday 18th January 2019

No change on todays weight, I am at a good weight so as long as I don’t go up in weight I am happy.

I had a really good sleep this morning which always gives me more energy when I got up. Normal breakfast of oats, strawberries and banana.

I managed to get a lot of housework done and all the dinner prepped before my wife got home from work, she cooked the dinner for me so I could go for my run.

30 Minute interval run, up until now I have been doing a 30 second run, 2 minute jog but wanted to change it and challenge myself more so after a quick web search I found a web site suggesting the following –

  • 2 minute jog
  • 30 second run
  • 2 minute jog
  • and 1 minute run
  • repeat 6 times (33 minutes).

I put as much effort into the run as I could, to me it felt like a sprint, the 30 second runs were hard but over really quick but the 1 minute runs I was pleased each time I heard “Slow run for 2 minutes” come out of my headphones :). I did like mixing the fast runs between 30 seconds and 1 minute each set.

I was expecting my Strava App to be singing my praises with my really fast run but apparently  it was nothing special lol.

  • 4.04 mi
  • 8:14 /mi
  • 33m 17s

Dinner was a lovely cottage pie although I had seconds and felt stuffed for about 2 hours afterwards, worth it though.

Oh well time for work, Night all.


Dave’s Marathon Training Week 7

Monday 1st October to Sunday 7th October 2008

Total miles for week was 24.91


My medal 🙂

My medal came today from “”.

This was for running over (just) 100 miles in September, All I had to do was email proof at the end of the month that I covered 100 miles and they sent me the medal. It was cheap to register and I just love medals 🙂

Also to my surprise I got a running t-shirt and sponsor forms from After getting my place in the Portsmouth Marathon I let Bloodwise and 2 other charities that deal with cancer know I wanted to raise money for them, this was my way of giving something back. My son is having treatment for the second time for Leukemia and I am just very grateful for their support. Anyway, I got the sponsor forms from the other 2 charities about 6 weeks ago and forgot about Bloodwise, I now feel guilty as the other 2 have more sponsors than them, Hopefully it will balance out by December.

My running week:

Tuesday 2nd – Did not run, Had so much to do at home that I had to give Tuesdays run a miss

Wednesday 3rd – Easy run: 7 Miles in 1:15:07, average pace 10:44 min/mile. This run I loved, I took a really easy run and felt great afterwards, It’s much better when you take a slower pace on easy runs, I usually make the mistake of letting my speed creep up. I think J-Leigh probably enjoyed the easy pace too 🙂

Thursday 4th – Steady run: 4.79 miles in 40:09 minutes, average pace 8:23 min/mile. Now this was really hard but fun. J-Leigh and I decided to run through Lloyd Park, Thought it might be fun, well it was up until the time we got lost! We finished the run and was walking back to get the car when we kind of lost our bearings, we landed up coming out the opposite side to what we wanted and had to jog the long way round to find the car, I recon we added about 3 miles to our journey by the time we got to the car, as we got close to the car we saw the field we were running around, if we only turned right instead of left lol

Saturday 6th –Strength training. I am trying out different strength training plans, have not found one I like yet or even worked out which days to do it, I want one that is under half hour so I can do it on my easy run days. I think I might have a plan that will be ok to start with, I will try it out after Tuesdays run then Saturday can go back to being a cross training day or even a longer strength training day, I havent made my mind up yet.

Sunday 7th – Long run: Half Marathon 13.12 miles in 2:00:50, average pace 9:13 min/mile. Wow this was a fantastic run, my legs are like jelly, I know that J-Leigh was tired too. The route had lovely hills and the weather was perfect for running although I should really be wanting more rain since my Marathon is booked for December, I am being too spoilt with all this dry weather 🙂

I have absolutely no idea what to wear when running in really bad weather either, I think I will be too hot in waterproof trousers but 4 plus hours of running soaked might not be too much fun either. I have run in the rain many times but only for a few miles at a time, I guess I will know more closer to race day.




Dave’s Marathon Training Week 6

Monday 24th September to Sunday 30th September 2008

Total miles for week was 24.67

I did not get time to update my blog at all last week because of a change in training times being so close to work. I thought it would be better to write my training blog weekly instead.

I was very lucky that my daughter J-Leigh joined me on all my runs last week – including my Sundays long run. I do love running on my own, Headphones on and listening to my music I get lost in thought and always feel positive afterwards BUT running with a friend, or in this case my daughter by far exceeds that, we chat about everything from music to bad jokes, I look forward to out next training session.

Tuesday 25th – Interval run: 4.09 Miles in 40:24 minutes, average pace 9:53 min/mile.

Wednesday 26th – Easy run: 6.13 Miles in 1:04:56, average pace 10:35 min/mile.

Thursday 27th – Steady run: 4.39 miles in 40:04 minutes, average pace 9:08 min/mile.

Sunday 30th – Long run: 10.06 miles in 1:27:16, average pace 8:40 min/mile.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays runs was the usual Hill route which made a great challenge for us both.

Sundays run was really good, We picked a great route with not many hills so I managed a good pace, J-Leigh really enjoyed herself which was the most important bit 🙂

We did try the dreaded action camera again, when fixed on J-Leigh’s bike it was still to shaky so we fitted it to a cycle helmet which J-Leigh wore, The picture quality was better but still a little bit jumpy, I will probably get a better camera in the new year.

40 Minute interval running with hills

For todays run I went to the woods again with J-Leigh, she was cycling and I was running. We had loads of hills which made a challenging and fun training day.

J-Leigh looked worn out when we finished but it has not put her off, she is looking forward to my next training day.

At least I got to wear my trail shoes today which was a bonus.


Todays run was 4.09 miles in 40:24 minutes average pace 9:53 minutes per mile, slower pace but lots of hills so expected.

40 Minute interval run with J-Leigh

Well today was something very different, My daughter came with me on my run, she was on her push bike of course while I ran. We cycled first to the local park, I then padlocked my bike up and off we went.



Another guy on YouTube that I watch has a channel called “Daz Staley”, He films his training runs, 1 week at a time but I have learned quite a lot from him, His interval running is on distance (half mile fast, Half mile normal), I’m not there yet lol.

I jogged the first 2 minute then ran 30 seconds, then jogged 2 minutes etc until the 40 minutes was up. The first run was at a great speed but I started to feel pressure on the side of my knee which worried me, all I was thinking was that I could not afford and injury, not this close to my Marathon and not when I am enjoying myself running, by the second run and onwards I had no problem with my knee so I was a very happy man 🙂

It was great fun having my daughter ride along beside be, we got to chat a lot and I really think she enjoyed herself as well.

I was trying to keep the fast runs at a pace of around 6:30 and the jogging at between 9 and 10 minutes per mile, I think I managed it.

So today I ran 4.46 miles in 40:05 minutes Average pace was 8:59 minutes per mile.

We did get the action camera out again, fixed it to J-Leigh’s bike, It looked great and I made sure it was not facing the pavement this time. We got 2 minutes down the road when the battery died on us! I am hoping I did not buy a faulty camera (was cheap after all). I will charge it for next time J-Leigh joins me on a run and maybe start saving for a new one.