Wednesdays run

Wednesday 6th May 2020

Today was lovely and warm, I over dressed for the run but it was not until my walk home that I felt the heat on my legs, Should of worn my shorts.

I used the warmup run to get to my local park and ran laps around the park finishing with a cooldown run back home.

Not too busy in the park, it was easy to keep my distance from other people.

Warm up – 1.50 miles @ Target of 9:00 to 10:30 min/mi
Surge – Target 6:50 min/mi for 1 minute
Recovery – Target 10:30 min/mi for 1 minute
Cool down – 1.00 miles @ Target of 9:00 to 10:30 min/mi

  • Distance 5.07 mi – Pace 8:27 /mi – Time 42m 52s

Mr Sat Nav strikes again

Friday I won a medal, Not the nice metal bling type that I love to hang on my wall, This medal displays the words “PLONKER OF THE WEEK” on it, Yep on Friday mornings run I managed to get lost AGAIN!!

Fridays workout was supposed to be a 40 minute interval run, I did not pre-plan my journey as was not sure on the exact distance that I would cover. The idea was that I would run 20 minutes out, turn around and then follow the same route in reverse – What could possibly go wrong???

The run started off good, it did not take long before I found a lovely footpath that ran through some woods, I followed that all the way through and continued along the road on the other side. After a while it was time for my return journey so I turned around to retrace my steps. That was when my troubles really began.

I got back into the woods again and then I got totally lost. I landed up going through several fields before finally giving up and asked Google Maps for help. I managed to locate the nearest road and headed for that.

I must have added about 3 miles extra to my run and lost around 40 Minutes but I eventually made it back to my car.

I was covered in mud and had soaking feet but I was still smiling during my drive home 🙂

  • Distance 4.27 mi
  • Pace 9:15 /mi
  • Time 39m 33s