Happy Anniversary

Today is my wedding anniversary, 22 wonderful years, what a fantastic day we both had.

My day was brilliant, I woke up at 1pm as usual. After having breakfast and coffee I loaded the car for a trip down the recycling centre, there was loads of parking for a change so no hanging around which was great. After leaving the recycling centre I had to stop off to buy fresh mint and rosemary for our anniversary dinner.

By the time I got home and put dinner on it was nearly 4pm which was later than I wanted but at least it will be done before 6. What a lovely meal it was, a tasty lamb roast with the usual trimmings.

My daughters were not in for dinner so it was just my wife, my son and I eating which made for a very quiet meal 🙂

My wife and I got to spend a lovely hour together after dinner before I had to head off to work.

I first met my wife 30 years ago and she has always been so wonderful and loving, I am a very lucky man.

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