Portsmouth Coastal Waterside Marathon 2018 – Completed, What’s next?

What a fantastic weekend, We arrived at the Holiday Inn Hotel on Saturday afternoon, I was very impressed, The room was lovely and the staff were so nice.

Sunday morning we headed off early to the start point, the weather was great for running. Within 2 minutes of starting I was overheating so had to remove yellow hat and rain coat, I judged that wrong.


I kept to pace really well and was on target to finish the marathon in about 3 hours 45 but on mile 18 my toe started to hurt on my right foot and by mile 20 was hurting quite a bit. On mile 22 I got a blister under my big toe on my left foot so by mile 23 my pace had dropped to over 10 mins per mile. When I got past mile 25 I was getting tired and starting to slow down even more but then saw my son and daughter waiting for me, They ran the last bit with me and gave me the extra kick I needed to finish.

Portsmouth Marathon 2018

It was such a good marathon to run and Portsmouth was lovely to visit, I would love to do it again some day.

I have a half marathon booked for March which should keep me going until I can book another full marathon later next year.

Dave’s Marathon Training Week 7

Monday 1st October to Sunday 7th October 2008

Total miles for week was 24.91


My medal 🙂

My medal came today from “Therunchallenge.com”.

This was for running over (just) 100 miles in September, All I had to do was email proof at the end of the month that I covered 100 miles and they sent me the medal. It was cheap to register and I just love medals 🙂

Also to my surprise I got a running t-shirt and sponsor forms from Bloodwise.org.uk. After getting my place in the Portsmouth Marathon I let Bloodwise and 2 other charities that deal with cancer know I wanted to raise money for them, this was my way of giving something back. My son is having treatment for the second time for Leukemia and I am just very grateful for their support. Anyway, I got the sponsor forms from the other 2 charities about 6 weeks ago and forgot about Bloodwise, I now feel guilty as the other 2 have more sponsors than them, Hopefully it will balance out by December.

My running week:

Tuesday 2nd – Did not run, Had so much to do at home that I had to give Tuesdays run a miss

Wednesday 3rd – Easy run: 7 Miles in 1:15:07, average pace 10:44 min/mile. This run I loved, I took a really easy run and felt great afterwards, It’s much better when you take a slower pace on easy runs, I usually make the mistake of letting my speed creep up. I think J-Leigh probably enjoyed the easy pace too 🙂

Thursday 4th – Steady run: 4.79 miles in 40:09 minutes, average pace 8:23 min/mile. Now this was really hard but fun. J-Leigh and I decided to run through Lloyd Park, Thought it might be fun, well it was up until the time we got lost! We finished the run and was walking back to get the car when we kind of lost our bearings, we landed up coming out the opposite side to what we wanted and had to jog the long way round to find the car, I recon we added about 3 miles to our journey by the time we got to the car, as we got close to the car we saw the field we were running around, if we only turned right instead of left lol

Saturday 6th –Strength training. I am trying out different strength training plans, have not found one I like yet or even worked out which days to do it, I want one that is under half hour so I can do it on my easy run days. I think I might have a plan that will be ok to start with, I will try it out after Tuesdays run then Saturday can go back to being a cross training day or even a longer strength training day, I havent made my mind up yet.

Sunday 7th – Long run: Half Marathon 13.12 miles in 2:00:50, average pace 9:13 min/mile. Wow this was a fantastic run, my legs are like jelly, I know that J-Leigh was tired too. The route had lovely hills and the weather was perfect for running although I should really be wanting more rain since my Marathon is booked for December, I am being too spoilt with all this dry weather 🙂

I have absolutely no idea what to wear when running in really bad weather either, I think I will be too hot in waterproof trousers but 4 plus hours of running soaked might not be too much fun either. I have run in the rain many times but only for a few miles at a time, I guess I will know more closer to race day.