Interval run

Tuesday 22nd January 2019

Wow this morning was fresh – 1º in fact.

It was later than I planned to go for my run, I was aiming for a midnight run but in fact it was just after 4am instead. I did put on my rain coat for my warm-up jog but took that off after as I knew I would get too warm when I started running.

Todays was interval running day.

  • Distance

    3.75 mi

  • Pace

    8:49 /mi

  • Time

    33m 7s

I am so exited – I have manage to book a place in the Dorset Marathon for November.

The Marathon is 27.7 miles which is more than I have ever ran before but the scenery looks fantastic, it does have loads of hills so after my half marathon in March I will have to start some hill and trail training.

The hotels in the area are a little more expensive than I expected but I have 10 months to save 🙂

Well I am off to sleep now as back to work tonight, Night all.


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