40 Minute interval run with J-Leigh

Well today was something very different, My daughter came with me on my run, she was on her push bike of course while I ran. We cycled first to the local park, I then padlocked my bike up and off we went.



Another guy on YouTube that I watch has a channel called “Daz Staley”, He films his training runs, 1 week at a time but I have learned quite a lot from him, His interval running is on distance (half mile fast, Half mile normal), I’m not there yet lol.

I jogged the first 2 minute then ran 30 seconds, then jogged 2 minutes etc until the 40 minutes was up. The first run was at a great speed but I started to feel pressure on the side of my knee which worried me, all I was thinking was that I could not afford and injury, not this close to my Marathon and not when I am enjoying myself running, by the second run and onwards I had no problem with my knee so I was a very happy man 🙂

It was great fun having my daughter ride along beside be, we got to chat a lot and I really think she enjoyed herself as well.

I was trying to keep the fast runs at a pace of around 6:30 and the jogging at between 9 and 10 minutes per mile, I think I managed it.

So today I ran 4.46 miles in 40:05 minutes Average pace was 8:59 minutes per mile.

We did get the action camera out again, fixed it to J-Leigh’s bike, It looked great and I made sure it was not facing the pavement this time. We got 2 minutes down the road when the battery died on us! I am hoping I did not buy a faulty camera (was cheap after all). I will charge it for next time J-Leigh joins me on a run and maybe start saving for a new one.



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