10 Mile run with Hills

I have not updated this blog since Tuesday but I have still been out there it’s just that my training days were mixed up, Friday and Saturday I ran 5 miles each, Friday was an easy run and Saturday was at a harder pace but still not as hard a pace as I wanted as was still feeling knackered.

I had a really busy week, doing bits for other people and then bits for myself. Wednesday I spent pulling apart wooden pallets so that I can use the wood to make shelving in the shed, Great fun and good natural workout, I did slip with the sledge-hammer once though and hit my shin, It is still a little tender to touch but it could have been far worse.

Todays run was great, I wanted to keep my running pace at 8:50 minutes/mile, I managed to get my Sportstracker app to tell me my pace on a regular basis which really helped. Keeping to pace is so difficult, one minute I am way too fast, the next was too slow, I did enjoy trying though.

I ran a different route today to include what I remembered to be a massive hill by Lloyd’s park. I have run this route 3 times before but have not run this route in a couple of months. The first 2 times I had to walk small bits of the hill and the last time I made it up the hill but stopped at the top to catch my breath.

This time however I made it up easily, I was so surprised (and pleased), I suppose it was due to pacing myself better and I am guessing I am fitter than I was 2 months ago, I certainly am a lot lighter 🙂

I tried again with the action camera, this time on a stick. I am clearly rubbish with the camera as most of the footage was of the pavement in front of me and all of it was incredibly jumpy.  I have been watching a guy on YouTube, his channel is called “Film my Run”, he films his marathons including the Portsmouth Marathon that I will be running. He holds his camera up on a stick the whole run and the footage is fantastic, I get glued watching him but I cannot help thinking, How does his arm not ache like mad holding the camera up for that long?  I don’t wish to film any marathons but it would have been really nice to get some footage of short runs if the scenery was nice.

Todays run was 10 miles in 1:29:27, Average pace was 8:56 minutes per mile.

I need to start including hills more as my marathon is getting closer.

I have still not been out for a run with my running club, Maybe next week 🙂


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