40 minute steady run with new knee support

When I got up Wednesday the side of my knee was uncomfortable, mainly when crouching down or going up the stairs but it got better when I got moving, On top of this I thought I was coming down with a head cold or worse so I decided to swap my training days around and rest on Wednesday so hopefully I can recover enough for Thursday.

The same happened when I got up Thursday, I did not want to miss any more running so before my run I took a trip to Argos and I bought myself a knee support.

£20.00 well spent, This took all the pressure off my knee and gave me a wonderful run.

My wife, daughter, and dog accompanied me on my run today, I drove them to the woods and they enjoyed themselves while I ran around the woods, This was so nice, we met back up and had a nice walk together before heading back to the car to go home.

I loved this route as you have one side is uphill and the other downhill, I even got to run through the woods which was great fun, I will look forward to doing this again although I will wear my trail running shoes instead next time.

So Thursdays run was a 40 minute steady run. I was aiming for a pace average of 8:50 min/mile but was slightly slower at 9:16 min/mile, with the hills I am quite pleased with the results, I still ran 4.34 miles, better luck next time 🙂



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