40 Minute run

Really did not want to play today 😦

40 Minute recovery run (supposed to be a steady run).

Did not have much (or any) motivation today, took a long time to get my butt out of the door, this is really unlike me as I am usually very motivated.

The side of my leg was still a little stiff from Sundays run. It feels fine when walking and running but if I am sitting and get up and start walking it feels stiff so I decided to take it easy on my run today just in case.

4.07 miles in 40 minutes @ Average pace of 9:50 Minutes per mile

I felt really knackered when I got back even after the slow jog but feeling better now as just had my dinner (Chilli-con-carne and rice) with a lovely cup of coffee 🙂

Hopefully I will feel more motivated tomorrow as I was planning my first run with my local running club that I have joined, I am actually very exited about this but I really hope I am not the slowest runner in the group.

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