40 Minute Tempo run

I missed my run yesterday due to my daughter being ill, she only has a bug but by the time I collected her from work and got back home time just ran out.

I woke up feeling fantastic, jumped out of bed, did usual – check email, weighed myself (I know obsessive), running gear on.

Downstairs I eat a banana then start cleaning up, I washed up all the dishes then loaded the washing machine, Finally I prepared the dinner. My wife arrived home from work at this time so was able to take over so I filled up my sports bottles, done my warm-up exercises and out the door I went 🙂

40 Minute tempo running – 4.89 miles, Average 8.14 minutes per mile

My running vest from Clic Sargent arrived today so I got to wear that which was cool, Got to decide which vest to wear on the day of my Marathon now lol


Just finishing my 2nd coffee of the day then I need to get ready for work 😦

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