5 Miles easy run

Since I missed Tuesday’s run thought I would do it today instead, I also got the chance to try out my new action camera.

The camera was only a cheap one but it looked good enough, I had it fixed to me using a chest strap, the route would not be exiting but it was only a test run.

Well the camera was light enough and over the 5 Miles caused no discomfort which was good.

When I got home I download the video, it took less than 30 seconds to turn it off, the picture was so shaky, I guess that’s why you don’t see Runners with camera’s strapped to them lol We live and learn.

So I managed 5 Miles at a easy pace in 40:53 minutes, average pace 8:10 minutes per mile.

Feeling great, looking forward to Sundays long run 🙂

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