40 Minute steady run and giving blood

I started the afternoon off by giving blood, its been 2 years since I gave blood last and it’s one of those things I kept putting off, mostly due to fitting it in around work as I only want to donate blood on my days off.

I got loads of letters and emails from them, they even phoned me at home at least twice to remind me to book so finally I did it, It was not bad at all and over with really quickly.


Me giving blood

I was told by the nurse to take it easy for the rest of the day which I tried to do but by the evening I really wanted to get my run in so I did 🙂

40 minute steady run, 4.58 miles, 8.44 minutes per mile –  I cannot remember the last time I ran at night but it was great fun, a lot quieter than the afternoon.


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