Leeks weeding and salad bed

What a lovely day Thursday was, warm and sunny, I to the allotment and end done some weeding, it’s amazing how quickly the weeds grow back!

Next on the to-do list was to plant out my leeks – All 88 of them, I managed to squeeze them in around the beans and peas which was great until I noticed I still had some peas to plant out and now don’t have the space, Typical.


Today was not such a nice day, It was still warm but with light rain at times, Still did not stop me 🙂

I manage to dig over a new bed for my salad stuff, I then managed to sow in the bed three different types of lettuce – “Funstaste”, “Iceburg” and “Little Gem”, Followed by some Perpetual Spinach and Spinach “Apolio F1”.

I did notice that my seeds were MASSIVELY out of date so I am not expecting very good results.

I have ordered some “Black” Kale as I have been told that it is fantastically tasty, I have left room in the salad bed for the Kale when it arrives.


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