Billy, plants and digging

It has been a great week at the allotment, The weather has been FANTASTIC.

Billy got his update at last, we changed the jeans and denim jacket for a suit, new hat as well, we placed straw around the edges to give the affect of being stuffed with straw, We like him anyway 🙂


I got the broccoli planted out although I have been told by my friend Dave at the allotment that he plants his plants closer together so I will plant another 3 plants in-between these ones.


Turned over another bed and planted out the sweetcorn “Mirai Picnic”, Pumpkin “Giant” and Squash.


Got runner beans and peas planted


I put a arch in the entrance and planted a climbing rose next to it, finishing it off with a nice border around the bed. I think that should look nice when the rose bush is fully grown.



I got a border around the Raspberry bush, I will do the same to the blackcurrant and Redcurrant bushes when I get the chance.


Some of last years blackcurrant bushes have grown back so I made a sort of trellis to let it climb up.


Managed to get a new bed dug over and ready then planted out the Artichokes.


I planted out 48 Onions “Santero Improved”, 24 Shallots and 24 “Red onions”, Alternating rows, Should have planted the Shallots and Red onions by April so we shall have to wait and see.


Erica and Billy.


Bought 2 Raspberry bushes from Homebase, “Glen Lyon” and “Tadmor”, 50p each, Bargain 🙂


All the potatoes are in the first potato bed, I have just one more potato bed to fill.


Rhubarb, Rhubarb and more Rhubarb 🙂


All the courgettes are in.


Looking good 🙂



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