Potatoes, Flowers and more weeds

I managed to get my second potato bed turned over -so many weeds, It is now full of seed potatoes, I planted Maris Pipers, Charlotte, Pentland and Desiree potatoes, 72 potatoes in total, Too close together again but had too many potatoes this year, I still had enough to give two trays of potatoes away.


Next on my list was to plant the flowers that we had left over from home, Next to the climbing Rose I planted the Begonia ‘Nonstop’ Rose Petticoat and the Begonia ‘Nonstop’ Red.


Over in front of the fruit bushes I planted some Calibrachoa ‘Calypso’, Calibrachoa ‘Painted Pink’ and Viola’s (White and Yellow).


Apart from that just trying to keep on top of the weeding, The weeds grow so fast that I seem to never, ever be completely weed free. Good fun trying though 🙂

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