I had to work last night so could not celebrate the new year with the family, I did however have my lunch break just before midnight so got to watch the London fireworks on the TV with my work mates and see 2017 finish. I know it’s not as good as actually being in London watching the fireworks but much less hassle and no traveling.

I did however have a fantastic night at work, Everyone was so cheerful and polite, I did have one strange couple who spent their time arguing and pushing each other than the woman comes up and shouts at me before leaving, Now if only they had the courtesy to speak English I might actually know what upset them in the first place.

Glad to be home with feet up, Looking forward to what 2018 has in store for us all 🙂

Christmas 2017

What a fantastic Christmas, Nice and relaxing, Erica and I woke up early so prepared dinner by 6am, we then sat down and relaxed until the girls work up which was about 10am.

We cooked breakfast and played board games for a while then on to the presents 🙂

Kids loved their presents and Erica and I done pretty damn well too

With enough food to feed a family twice as large its safe to say we were pretty well full afterwards

I managed to buy a cheap games console online on Christmas eve, 620 games built which is quite fun but most of the game instructions are in Chinese, Did make us laugh, you get what you pay for lol