I had to work last night so could not celebrate the new year with the family, I did however have my lunch break just before midnight so got to watch the London fireworks on the TV with my work mates and see 2017 finish. I know it’s not as good as actually being in London watching the fireworks but much less hassle and no traveling.

I did however have a fantastic night at work, Everyone was so cheerful and polite, I did have one strange couple who spent their time arguing and pushing each other than the woman comes up and shouts at me before leaving, Now if only they had the courtesy to speak English I might actually know what upset them in the first place.

Glad to be home with feet up, Looking forward to what 2018 has in store for us all 🙂

Christmas 2017

What a fantastic Christmas, Nice and relaxing, Erica and I woke up early so prepared dinner by 6am, we then sat down and relaxed until the girls work up which was about 10am.

We cooked breakfast and played board games for a while then on to the presents 🙂

Kids loved their presents and Erica and I done pretty damn well too

With enough food to feed a family twice as large its safe to say we were pretty well full afterwards

I managed to buy a cheap games console online on Christmas eve, 620 games built which is quite fun but most of the game instructions are in Chinese, Did make us laugh, you get what you pay for lol


My family holiday

We have not been on holiday for a while so it was great to get the time off from work and just go away for a week.

We booked the site well in advance, One week camping in Somerset, Perfect.

I wrote the usual lists just so that we don’t forget anything.

With everything packed we headed off to our holiday 🙂

Lovely drive to the site (160 miles), The weather was fantastic, everyone was in such a good mood……..Well that was until we realised that THE TENT WAS MISSING!!!!!

It was not funny at the time but when we watched the video footage afterwards we could not help but laugh, Why do we always check the same place over and over?

Well we finally managed to borrow a tent and put it up, Now for a fantastic week of fun.

After such a good week we got to the beach on the evening of the last day and I managed to catch the last glimpse of the sun going down.

Oops I did it again!!!!

Today was lovely and bright and so warm I could have worn shorts if I was not on the motorbike 🙂

Well I had the afternoon planned but I did not manage to do everything…Maybe tomorrow?

I started the afternoon weeding around the lavender with a hand fork which was easy enough.

Next was the small Rhubarb bed, There was quite a few deep-rooted weeds so I landed up using the garden fork to get them out, After damaging one of my Rhubarb plants I went back to using the hand fork again.

Next was the large Rhubarb bed, You would think I would have learned my lesson but no, not me, There was more deep-rooted weeds so again I used the garden fork and AGAIN I damaged one of my plants, I tried to use the hand fork for a while but gave up and grabbed the hoe, 10 minutes later and job done!

Why oh why did I not just use the hoe in the first place???


What a lovely day

Wow, Today was fantastic, Perfect day for the allotment.

So today after the school run I went straight to the allotment, I put on my sunglasses, Set up the camera and started digging.

I managed to get last years root bed and Brassica bed turned over, The ground was still soft so digging was easy, I even harvest some leaks and turnips.

I finished the morning off in the polytunnel sowing some more seeds.


IMG_20170313_124144.jpg  IMG_20170313_124147.jpg

IMG_20170313_124153.jpg  IMG_20170313_124157.jpg

IMG_20170313_124203.jpg  IMG_20170313_124207.jpg

IMG_20170313_124211.jpg  IMG_20170313_124218.jpg

What a lovely day for the Allotment

As the title suggests it was a fantastic day for the allotment, Weather was dry and perfect temperature for digging.

I have not used my strimmer all winter so after putting fuel in I was pleasantly surprised that it fired straight into life – Lovely 🙂

First job at the allotment was watering the plants and checking the polytunnel, All good, no more damage which is always good.DSC00896.JPG

Next over to my plot to turn over the “potato and other” raised bed, A few deep roots but nothing as hard as the Artichoke bed was, still  took nearly 3 hours to turn over though.

J-Leigh met me at the allotment and mowed the grass for me which was fantastic.


All in All a great day, I think we both really enjoyed ourselves.

Artichoke Globe bed

Today I met my Dad at the allotment for a coffee, Afterwards I foolishly started to turn over the Artichoke bed, It was hard work!!!

The weeds had  such long roots including parts of the blackberry bush, I had to dig VERY deep to get rid of it all, The result was great though, Worth the effort if you ask me 🙂


Fruit cage done :)

I had a fantastic day at the allotment today, I got there around 12, The weather was great and perfect for digging.

I have finally finished in the fruit cage, I have replaced the wood and widened all the raised beds, Finishing it off with clean weed matting and woodchips on the path.

Now just the bottom half of my plot to work on 🙂

J-Leigh arrived around 4pm so after a well-earned coffee break we headed over to the polytunnel to make repairs.

The polytunnel is only about a year old but has loads of very small holes in the sides and 1 larger hole, It took a whole role of transparent tape to repair the lot, at £5 a time I hope we get no more damage. I think I need to put some netting around the outside to protect it.

After that we got to the fun stuff – Sowing seeds, loads of seeds in fact.

We worked up to around 7:30pm, loaded the car back up then back to my plot for another coffee break, then back home for dinner (and a beer for me).



In the greenhouse