Sunny afternoon at the allotment

Well after a week of not getting down the allotment (except to water plants) I finally made it and what a fantastic day it was, Big silly hat on, covered in sun cream and I am ready to go 🙂

Had a lovely afternoon at the allotment (Friday 6th), Spent about 4 hours there soaking up the sun and digging:)

Managed to dig over the 2nd roots bed and top up the soil, got the potato bed turned over and mixed in compost and chicken manure, finishing off with planting some “Maris Peer”, “Red duke of York” and “King Edwards”. Think I might have planted them a little too close together  (Typical) but I will have to wait and see.


Turned over half of the Brassica bed and added compost, will finish off the other half tomorrow.


Looking forward to tomorrow, lots of jobs to do 🙂

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