5 Mile easy run

Thursday 16th May 2019

“Easy run” my daughter asked me, “How is 5 miles an easy run?” – She does have a point, maybe I should relabel it to recovery run or something lol

So because of todays easy pace I listened to an Audible book on my run – “Dead mans footsteps” by Peter James, I think it’s the 4th in the series but very enjoyable and perfect on a run with no distractions 🙂

Although the sun was out and warm when the wind hit you it was COLD! I stopped after the first mile and put my jacket on, much better.

  • Distance

    5.03 mi

  • Pace

    10:42 /mi

  • Time

    53m 53s

Just looked at Strava and it tells me this was a massive effort lol

Time for work. Night all.



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