Let the training begin

This week is the start of my marathon training (again lol).

I completed the Lunar-Tic Marathon at the end of last month and gave myself 2 weeks rest before starting training for my next marathon

The first week I caught up with jobs around my house, Sorted out the bedroom and then the kitchen which was very rewarding.

Last week I did go out for some recovery / easy paced runs to keep my fitness levels up.

Monday 5th was a great run, No time limit, no set miles, no pacing, just went out for a lovely jog whist listening to great music through my earphones. I stopped several times to take photos which was great fun. I landed up running just over 4 miles then back to the carpark to do some strength training. 4.08 miles – 46 minutes 19 Seconds

Thursday 7th run was roughly the same as tuesdays run but with more off road running through the lovely woodland, again finishing up with some strength training in the car park afterwards. 4.34 Mi – 38 Mins & 59 Secs.

Sunday I ran for longer and a large part of it was through the woods, For once I did not get lost, I bought myself a compass and although I have not used one since I was a kid I think it worked out ok for me – I found the right exit anyway lol 5.07 Miles in 45 Minutes and 38 Seconds

So with 3 1/2 months until my next marathon the fun starts today (13th). Lets hope it’s 3 1/2 months injury free 🙂

5 Mile easy run

Thursday 16th May 2019

“Easy run” my daughter asked me, “How is 5 miles an easy run?” – She does have a point, maybe I should relabel it to recovery run or something lol

So because of todays easy pace I listened to an Audible book on my run – “Dead mans footsteps” by Peter James, I think it’s the 4th in the series but very enjoyable and perfect on a run with no distractions 🙂

Although the sun was out and warm when the wind hit you it was COLD! I stopped after the first mile and put my jacket on, much better.

  • Distance

    5.03 mi

  • Pace

    10:42 /mi

  • Time

    53m 53s

Just looked at Strava and it tells me this was a massive effort lol

Time for work. Night all.