Sunday long run

Sunday 27th January 2019

I had a fantastic run today – 12 miles total.

I wanted to include more hills in my runs and I was getting a bit fed up of my usual route, I do not get board easily but after running the same route for months on end I thought it was time to change.

The route I ran had a beautiful hill at around the 3rd mile so I took a steady pace up to the hill so as not to burn myself out, in fact I made a point of not checking my pace on the whole run and just enjoying the run.

The second big hill was between mile 6 and 7, My legs complained most on this hill but I knew that its mostly down hill and flat running when I reached the top.

It’s nearly midnight now, 7 hours after my run and my legs are still letting me know I ran today 🙂

  • Distance 12.09 mi
  • Pace 8:40 /mi
  • Time 1h 44m

I am researching training plans for my November marathon (27.7 miles), I am hoping to find a good ultra training plan (30 miles) as I think this will prepair me best.

Well time to get back to work, sleep well.

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