10 Mile long run

Monday 14th January 2019.

I could not do my long run on Sunday so swapped it for today.

Monday is my official weighing day and I was pleased to see I was 6.4 lbs down from the week before, I was not aiming for that huge amount in one go but who am I to complain – I feel great.

Breakfast was oats with raisins as I am out running, I did bring a iso gel with me which I ate after 45 minutes of running and then had a protein shake when I got back.

Dinner was cottage pie with veg which I don’t have often but it was really nice 🙂

I had the weekend off from work and my daughters were away so I spent my weekend tidying their bedrooms and doing repairs to their wardrobes, I also made a nice shelving unit for them, I had great fun but I was knackered afterwards.

Sunday night I went to sleep earlier than usual and actually slept for 12 hours! I never sleep past 7 hours usually but I think the lack of sleep over the weekend caught up with me.

The benefit of having a wonderful sleep is loads more energy when running.

  • 10.10mi
  • 1:21:45
  • 8:05/mi

I had a great run and the weather was lovely and fresh.

Oh well time for work, have a great night.



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