Nike failed me


I had great run today, had to wear my poncho as it was spitting with rain,

10 minute Recovery run so on with my headphones, start the app and off I jog.

Apart from the music I never heard a peep from the Nike coach, Not a problem at first but after jogging for ages and still not hearing anything I guessed something was not right.

I got out my phone check and then nike coach said “You have reached the halfway point”,  followed by “Congratulations you have done your first 10 minute run”.

I have no idea why it did not let me know this earlier as the written display says I have been jogging for 15 minutes, I finish off with a cool down walk.

I felt great back home until I logged onto my Nike+ site to check my actual run times – You guessed it – all gone, It did not record the run at all 😦

So in conclusion I lightly jogged about a mile and a half in 15 minutes or so, had a fantastic jog even though my leg muscles were a little tender from Mondays run.

The joke of it was on Monday I used my Nike watch and phone app together and both runs got recorded so today I left the watch at home and the app fails to record my run.

Lets hope tomorrows 20 minute long run gets recorded 🙂



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