Expanding Waistline

Not wanting to sound fanatical about my waistline (Which I am not) but when your clothes start to feel tighter you either buy a complete new set of clothes or get off your butt and start to exercise, Not having a huge amount of spare cash flow I naturally chose the latter.

When I had an allotment plot I always got plenty of natural exercise but since giving it up and being so busy around the house I have had not exercised at all.

I downloaded the Nike App on my phone a few days ago and set it for today being my first day of training, I had slightly uneasy sleep so nearly did not go out running (Rubbish excuse I know) but I am so glad I did.

Great App, Talked me through what I had to do and played music in between.

7 minute warmup, great, I started a fast walk up the road, smiling away like an idiot, I just started to get bored with walking when my coach told me I was supposed to be jogging!

Ok now I am jogging the last of the 7 minute warmup, This is fun, I can do this for ages but no – Now the 3 minute RUN! – I have never been a runner, This was hard, I was out of breath really, really quick.

The coach gave me time updates which was great and usually comes at a point when your ready to quit running, I kept it up though 🙂

I am back home now relaxing, At first chest felt a bit bunged up and coughing a little, shows how unfit I now am, I am ok now though.

Next run on Wednesday and Nike tells me it is a 10 minute recovery run, I hope that means jog lol

I am really looking forward to Wednesday, I just hope the weather is good 🙂



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