My family holiday

We have not been on holiday for a while so it was great to get the time off from work and just go away for a week.

We booked the site well in advance, One week camping in Somerset, Perfect.

I wrote the usual lists just so that we don’t forget anything.

With everything packed we headed off to our holiday 🙂

Lovely drive to the site (160 miles), The weather was fantastic, everyone was in such a good mood……..Well that was until we realised that THE TENT WAS MISSING!!!!!

It was not funny at the time but when we watched the video footage afterwards we could not help but laugh, Why do we always check the same place over and over?

Well we finally managed to borrow a tent and put it up, Now for a fantastic week of fun.

After such a good week we got to the beach on the evening of the last day and I managed to catch the last glimpse of the sun going down.

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