Oops I did it again!!!!

Today was lovely and bright and so warm I could have worn shorts if I was not on the motorbike 🙂

Well I had the afternoon planned but I did not manage to do everything…Maybe tomorrow?

I started the afternoon weeding around the lavender with a hand fork which was easy enough.

Next was the small Rhubarb bed, There was quite a few deep-rooted weeds so I landed up using the garden fork to get them out, After damaging one of my Rhubarb plants I went back to using the hand fork again.

Next was the large Rhubarb bed, You would think I would have learned my lesson but no, not me, There was more deep-rooted weeds so again I used the garden fork and AGAIN I damaged one of my plants, I tried to use the hand fork for a while but gave up and grabbed the hoe, 10 minutes later and job done!

Why oh why did I not just use the hoe in the first place???


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