Sunday long run

Sunday 27th January 2019

I had a fantastic run today – 12 miles total.

I wanted to include more hills in my runs and I was getting a bit fed up of my usual route, I do not get board easily but after running the same route for months on end I thought it was time to change.

The route I ran had a beautiful hill at around the 3rd mile so I took a steady pace up to the hill so as not to burn myself out, in fact I made a point of not checking my pace on the whole run and just enjoying the run.

The second big hill was between mile 6 and 7, My legs complained most on this hill but I knew that its mostly down hill and flat running when I reached the top.

It’s nearly midnight now, 7 hours after my run and my legs are still letting me know I ran today 🙂

  • Distance 12.09 mi
  • Pace 8:40 /mi
  • Time 1h 44m

I am researching training plans for my November marathon (27.7 miles), I am hoping to find a good ultra training plan (30 miles) as I think this will prepair me best.

Well time to get back to work, sleep well.

First day of new training plan :)

This is the first day of my training for the The Croydon Half Marathon.

I was given a turbo trainer a while back and this morning I got to try it out for the first time – it was good fun. The workout was only 45 minutes but a great start to my half marathon training. I found a really fun video on YouTube simulating cycle training by CTXCvideos (, I put my laptop on the table in front of my bike and watched it while doing my workout. My internet dropped 3 times during the workout which was not great and my gear cable got really slack so lost part of my gears for the last 15 minutes but something to work on for next time. There are lots of other videos on YouTube as well so I will try more each week 🙂

Woke up this afternoon and official weight was 10 lbs heavier than I want so another goal to work on over the next 12 weeks…………STAY OUT OFF COOKIE JAR!!!!!!!

For last years Marathon training I did so little cross training so I am hoping to change that this year, We shall see 🙂