Losing my Mojo

Where’s my mojo??

I love running, jogging or however you want to label it, I love getting lost in my own thoughts and the feeling of completing some great distances.

I have been consistently running ever since January last year and absolutely loved every part of it.

I completed my last marathon in December with a P.B (Personal Best) and was so proud of my achievement.

The last couple months I have struggled to get out there, I loved it when I did and looked forward to running but I have let life get in the way.

Last week I was running, This week I missed most of it, you can see the pattern.

I now have 13 weeks before my next marathon and although I am confident I can complete it I know I cannot afford to miss more training.

I have been looking forward to this marathon for so long now, It incorporates my three favourite hobbies all wrapped into one. I will be travelling via motorcycle and staying in a tent, all of which I love doing.

I suppose I am writing this post in the hope to give me motivation to get out there and run 🙂

So tomorrow is the start of my new training week and with 13 weeks left I hope it to be a consistent 13 weeks.

I have not been updating my blog recently as I thought it would give me more time to run but in truth writing my blog actually motivates me, even if not many people read my blog its still lovely (for me) to be able to talk (and sometimes brag) about my personal achievements.

I am looking forward to tomorrows run / Fresh start / Marathon training.

Time for work, Speak soon.

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