First run after my Marathon

I have had a fantastic weeks rest since my marathon, ate too much as you do but really enjoyed my christmas with the family (Yep no work for week).

As yesterday was my Birthday my wife and daughters bought me to our local Decathlon store, Wow what fun I had, I came away with 2 new t-shirts, a body warmer and a new pair of shorts. I was like a kid in a toy shop – I know it’s embarrassing, a 44-year-old man behaving like a kid but its my birthday and I will be childish if I want to 🙂

My training for the Croydon Half Marathon does not officially start until next week but since I have gained half a stone in weight I thought I would get stuck into it early, besides I have all this wonderful new running gear to try out 🙂

So I start the morning with a lovely bowl of cold porridge, got changed and off I went for a nice leisurely 60 minute easy run.

Distance: 6.55 miles, Time: 1:00:03 and average pace was 9:10 minutes per mile.

Wow it was chilly out there, I kept my hat and gloves on for the whole run, although I was not freezing I did not feel warm either, it did make me jog at a slightly faster pace than I intended just to keep warm but I am not complaining.

Todays run was really fun (apart from badly needing the toilet at mile 5 and knowing I have to wait until I get home, due to no public toilets anymore).

I feel so much better for getting myself out there, I even came back and done my strength exercises which I always conveniently forget to do!

I am so looking forward to my next run now.

It took a while but I did get a nice photo of 2 of my daughters lol



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