New trainers

Just completed my 30 minute easy run (2.92 miles), It was hard at first to pace myself as I wanted to push myself harder but after the first mile I really enjoyed the slow jog, loosing myself in thought.

The sun came out to play – So nice to have a bit of sunny weather to run in.

I need to test out and start breaking in my new trainers, After reading reviews and blogs on previous runners of the Portsmouth Marathon it was suggested getting Trail trainers due to mud and slippery ground (Being December) so I bought some Karrimor Sabre Trail trainers, they claim to be waterproof and breathable and at £42.00 its hard to go wrong. I only ran on the pavement today but the trainers were comfortable.

I am looking forward to tomorrows 5 mile run, Lets hope the weather is as good 🙂



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