Fruit cage done :)

I had a fantastic day at the allotment today, I got there around 12, The weather was great and perfect for digging.

I have finally finished in the fruit cage, I have replaced the wood and widened all the raised beds, Finishing it off with clean weed matting and woodchips on the path.

Now just the bottom half of my plot to work on 🙂

J-Leigh arrived around 4pm so after a well-earned coffee break we headed over to the polytunnel to make repairs.

The polytunnel is only about a year old but has loads of very small holes in the sides and 1 larger hole, It took a whole role of transparent tape to repair the lot, at £5 a time I hope we get no more damage. I think I need to put some netting around the outside to protect it.

After that we got to the fun stuff – Sowing seeds, loads of seeds in fact.

We worked up to around 7:30pm, loaded the car back up then back to my plot for another coffee break, then back home for dinner (and a beer for me).



In the greenhouse


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