40 Minute interval run

Tuesday 28th May 2019

Today was a great day for running, why? Well with last weeks travelling I only managed to get one run in!

I am not complaining as I had such a wonderful and needed short break and I got to spend some quality time with my son. As your children get older you see them less and less so I jump at the chance to spend time with them.

I did learn a lot about camping, or to be more accurate I learnt a lot about how dreadful my camping cooking equipment is, I have now upgraded my camping cooker and bought a wind shield to protect it so fingers crossed it will be a welcome upgrade for my next trip (My next Marathon).

I had a good run and the rain held off just until my cool down walk so I was happy.

  • Distance 5.07 mi
  • Pace 8:50 /mi
  • Time 44m 47s

Time to get back to work, Night all

Half Marathon PB

I am so pleased with myself today as I completed a half marathon with another PB.

I know speed is not everything and when my long runs get longer I will be aiming for distance rather than speed but I am still like a excited child at getting a new PB ­čÖé

  • Distance

    13.14 mi

  • Pace

    7:56 /mi

  • Time

    1h 44m

  • Best estimated Half-Marathon effort (1:44:21)
  • Best estimated 20k effort (1:38:29)
  • Best estimated 10 mile effort
  • Best estimated 15k effort

I am worn out now, no training tomorrow so will spend the afternoon working on my motorbike instead ­čÖé

Time for work, Night all


New 10k PB on a 50 minute steady run

Friday 17th May 2019

I had a fantastic run today, It was a bit cooler but the rain held off even though my weather app reliably informed me it was going to rain.

Today was a 50 minute steady run so I was hoping to cover at least 6 miles, I ran very hard up and down the hills and managed to get several person bests.

  • Distance

    6.74 mi

  • Pace

    7:17 /mi

  • Time

    49m 7s

  • Best estimated 10k effort (45:52)
  • Best estimated 2 mile effort (13:57)
  • Best estimated 1 mile effort
  • Best estimated 1k effort

Time to get ready for work. Night all

5 Mile easy run

Thursday 16th May 2019

“Easy run” my daughter asked me, “How is 5 miles an easy run?” – She does have a point, maybe I should relabel it to recovery run or something lol

So because of todays easy pace I listened to an Audible book on my run – “Dead mans footsteps” by Peter James, I think it’s the 4th in the series but very enjoyable and perfect on a run with no distractions ­čÖé

Although the sun was out and warm when the wind hit you it was COLD! I stopped after the first mile and put my jacket on, much better.

  • Distance

    5.03 mi

  • Pace

    10:42 /mi

  • Time

    53m 53s

Just looked at Strava and it tells me this was a massive effort lol

Time for work. Night all.



30 Minute interval run a day late

Wednesday 15th May 2019

Well today I ran yesterdays run.

Tuesday was my day off from work, I had the day planned as usual, I had to get my car fixed in the morning then do all the pre-check bits on my motorcycle ready for a mini solo camping holiday I have booked for myself next week, I planned to end the day with a lovely evening run.

Well in the morning I was on my knees in the bathroom hugging the toilet and feeling very unwell, I landed up going back to bed and sleeping the morning and early afternoon off.

I think I had just over done it, I spent the day on Monday cleaning the garden and sheds and did not get as much sleep as I should have.

So Tuesday evening was spent playing catchup so my running week has now started a day later than planned.

Todays run was a 30 minute interval run, I really enjoyed the run even though my hip was still aching a bit.

  • Distance

    3.53 mi

  • Pace

    8:33 /mi

  • Time

    30m 10s

I have however managed to buy myself a new budget action camera (CamPak) and got to test it out today. The camera worked great with really good picture quality and sound. The camera even came with a spare battery and remote control, a nice carry case and the usual fixings, for under £40.00 I am really impressed.

Time for work, Night all

Sundays long run

Sunday 12th May 2019

What a difference a couple of days can make, The sun was well and truly out – 14┬░ and beautiful.

So today was my 12 mile long run, I had my usual breakfast of porridge with some raspberries mixed in, no coffee as did not want to be using the toilet 14 times on route.

Just as I am ready to leave my house I realised my water bladder was leaking – Very frustrating as my back was now wet.

This is the 2nd bladder bag to leak on me, fortunately they are very cheap to replace. I had to make do with a smaller water bottle instead.

Tomorrow I will be taking a trip to Decathlon (oh how terrible I have to go to my favorite shop on my day off and to actually buy something).

I had a fantastic run although my hip and leg was giving me some discomfort on the last few miles, when I got home I was pleases to stretch my leg and use my foam roller – instant relief ­čÖé

Strava tells me I ran another PB today so good news all round ­čÖé

  • Distance –┬á12.20 miles
  • Pace –┬á7:56 minutes per mile
  • Time –┬á1 hour┬á36 minutes
  • Best estimated 10 mile effort (1:18:59)
  • Best estimated 15k effort (1:13:09)

Time for work Night All

Running in the rain

Thursday 9th May 2019

I had a great run today, I started off thinking it was going to be a slow run but it only took a few minutes to get going, when I looked at my watch and saw my pace was under 8 min per mile it gave me the enthusiasm to keep pushing myself.

When I got to about the 3rd mile the rain started, This put a huge smile on my face.┬áIt’s not that I love the rain – I much prefer running in the sun but I have not run in the rain for quite some time and it made a refreshing change. It is a bit like when you run a new route it makes it fun and different. It also helped that it was still lovely and warm even with the rain so it was lovely to run in.

Today was a 40 minute tempo run – 4 minutes slow, 15 minutes steady, 3 minutes slow, 15 minutes steady and 3 minutes slow.

  • Distance

    4.90 miles

  • Pace

    8:09 minutes per mile

  • Time

    39 minutes 58 seconds

Time for work, Night all


sun and rain for my 6 mile easy run

Wednesday 8th May 2019

After getting ready for my run I checked the weather app on my phone which told me 13┬░ which was roughly the same as yesterday.

Yesterday I ran in shorts and t-shirt and everything was great but today it was raining, I was also only running a slow recovery / easy run so I put on my body warmer and my light rain coat over the top – HUGE MISTAKE!!! I was boiling, I did not even get the first mile completed before I had to stop and take the body warmer off. I will never learn.

I did enjoy the run, it was at a nice relaxing pace and it did not rain too bad.

  • Distance

    6.06 miles

  • Pace

    10:32 minutes per mile

  • Time

    1 hour 3 minutes

Time for work, Night all

What a great day for running

Tuesday 7th May 2019

First day of my running week and what a fantastic start it has been.

The weather is so lovely, not too warm and not too cold


I had such a good run, my best for such a long time.

My running pace has been slowing down for quite some time now and I was starting to think I would never get back to how fast I was but fortunately today has proved me wrong.

I got a personal best 5k, I just had so much energy. I really enjoyed my run, so much so that I lost track of time and landing up finishing my run miles from home (ok maybe not miles but far enough lol).

When I got home I completed my strength training workout. This time I increased the weights I was using, nothing heavy just a 10 kg dumbbell in each arm which was great for forward lunges and holding just 1 dumbbell for squats. My arms feel as worked as my legs now ­čÖé

  • Distance –┬á5.46 mi

  • Pace –┬á7:20 /mi

  • Time –┬á40m 7s

  • Best estimated 5k effort (22:03)

  • Best estimated 2 mile effort (14:06)

Time for work, Night all

Another week done, 12 weeks to go :)

Well that’s this weeks training completed, It’s been a fantastic week with such perfect weather for running.

I have not had time to update my blog until now so here is a quick summary

Tuesday 30th April 40 minutes interval training + Strength training

  • Distance:┬á5.57 miles
  • Pace:┬á9:54 minutes per mile
  • Time:┬á55 minutes and┬á13 seconds

Wednesday 01st May 5 mile easy run

  • Distance:┬á5.50┬ámiles
  • Pace:┬á10:01┬áminutes per mile
  • Time:┬á55┬áminutes and ┬á6┬áseconds

Thursday 02nd May 40 minute steady run + Strength training

  • Distance: 4.58┬ámiles
  • Pace: 8:42┬áminutes per mile
  • Time: 39┬áminutes and 55┬áseconds

Sunday 03rd May I finished the week off with a 10 mile run

  • Distance:┬á10.03┬ámiles
  • Pace:┬á9:02┬áminutes per mile
  • Time:┬á1 hour┬áand 30┬áminutes

I wanted to get out on Saturday for a cycle ride but it just did not happen ­čśŽ

I have had fun with my action camera trying to practice as I want to video my run at the end of the month when I am down the coast.

I recorded myself chatting away about random stuff on all three of my weekday runs, I did get some strange looks running around the streets chatting to my action camera but I did not care too much as I need to get used to it.

Frustratingly Tuesdays and Wednesdays footage had no sound, I did find the problem eventually though so it was not all bad.

It turns out that if you pressed the down button then the sound mutes, the icon to tell you that the mic is muted is hidden in the lower left hand corner which gets hidden behind the case so thumbs down to Kitvision on that design (escape 4kw). The wi-fi is still not working I shall be returning the camera anyway.

Thursday I used my sons camera (Kitvision escape HD5W). This did not have the mic problem and also the wi-fi worked although it was far from perfect. I landed up not using the wi-fi and connecting the camera to my PC at the end of my run to drag the video footage across.

My sons camera was half the price of mine but worked much better, when I send mine back I will probably get one the same as his.

So out of the 3 days I finally got some great footage (to me anyway) ÔÇô 40 minutes off me talking random stuff to the camera, finally ­čÖé

Off to sleep now, Night all