sun and rain for my 6 mile easy run

Wednesday 8th May 2019

After getting ready for my run I checked the weather app on my phone which told me 13° which was roughly the same as yesterday.

Yesterday I ran in shorts and t-shirt and everything was great but today it was raining, I was also only running a slow recovery / easy run so I put on my body warmer and my light rain coat over the top – HUGE MISTAKE!!! I was boiling, I did not even get the first mile completed before I had to stop and take the body warmer off. I will never learn.

I did enjoy the run, it was at a nice relaxing pace and it did not rain too bad.

  • Distance

    6.06 miles

  • Pace

    10:32 minutes per mile

  • Time

    1 hour 3 minutes

Time for work, Night all

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