Another week done, 12 weeks to go :)

Well that’s this weeks training completed, It’s been a fantastic week with such perfect weather for running.

I have not had time to update my blog until now so here is a quick summary

Tuesday 30th April 40 minutes interval training + Strength training

  • Distance: 5.57 miles
  • Pace: 9:54 minutes per mile
  • Time: 55 minutes and 13 seconds

Wednesday 01st May 5 mile easy run

  • Distance: 5.50 miles
  • Pace: 10:01 minutes per mile
  • Time: 55 minutes and  6 seconds

Thursday 02nd May 40 minute steady run + Strength training

  • Distance: 4.58 miles
  • Pace: 8:42 minutes per mile
  • Time: 39 minutes and 55 seconds

Sunday 03rd May I finished the week off with a 10 mile run

  • Distance: 10.03 miles
  • Pace: 9:02 minutes per mile
  • Time: 1 hour and 30 minutes

I wanted to get out on Saturday for a cycle ride but it just did not happen 😦

I have had fun with my action camera trying to practice as I want to video my run at the end of the month when I am down the coast.

I recorded myself chatting away about random stuff on all three of my weekday runs, I did get some strange looks running around the streets chatting to my action camera but I did not care too much as I need to get used to it.

Frustratingly Tuesdays and Wednesdays footage had no sound, I did find the problem eventually though so it was not all bad.

It turns out that if you pressed the down button then the sound mutes, the icon to tell you that the mic is muted is hidden in the lower left hand corner which gets hidden behind the case so thumbs down to Kitvision on that design (escape 4kw). The wi-fi is still not working I shall be returning the camera anyway.

Thursday I used my sons camera (Kitvision escape HD5W). This did not have the mic problem and also the wi-fi worked although it was far from perfect. I landed up not using the wi-fi and connecting the camera to my PC at the end of my run to drag the video footage across.

My sons camera was half the price of mine but worked much better, when I send mine back I will probably get one the same as his.

So out of the 3 days I finally got some great footage (to me anyway) – 40 minutes off me talking random stuff to the camera, finally 🙂

Off to sleep now, Night all

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