Ok so im a wimp

Wednesday I did not go for a run, it was freezing outside and I got too comfortable at home with the family (enjoying my time off). I felt bad (a little) not running but it did not stop me enjoying my evening.

As you can guess Thursday came and so did the cold weather and the lovely family dinner of roast Turkey with all the trimmings. Well as much as I was finding the motivation dwindling for Thursdays run I managed to get my backside out there.

After my wife and daughters went to bed I got my kit on and went to the GYM! – I have not been to the gym for about 6 months (still paying though lol) so thought it was about time I used it again. My son gave me a life to the gym so I did not have to get the bus which was very handy.

At my gym they have this fitness machine called FQScore, As I keep getting emails from the gym about it I thought I would give it a go. It turned out to be quite fun, you do timed press-ups, jumping, balancing on one leg then the other, at the end tells me how fit (or not) I am. I guess I need improvement on most parts for the test.

After the FQScore I jumped on the treadmill, 5 miles easy pace, wow it was boring, I much prefer running outside, after about 3 miles the side of my leg just below my hip started to hurt (still hurting this morning), I did push through as it was only a 5 mile run but I was so pleased to be finishing.

I left the gym and checked the bus times before deciding it would be quicker to walk, It was actually lovely weather for the walk (less that a mile and a half), I only wish I had gone for a run outside instead as I think I would have enjoyed that much more.

As I said earlier my leg still aching me this morning, I have tried using a roller on it and stretching it which helps for a while. I have a full day ahead of me so lets hope my leg is better for this evening.


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