Last long run :)

What an unexpected beautiful afternoon it has been.

I woke this afternoon and after eating my breakfast I started to get ready for my long run. I got dressed and picked up my heavy jumper to wear but when I looked out of the window at the lovely bright sky I swapped the jumper for my lighter one. I then checked my weather app which said it was 10 degrees outside so I quickly swapped the jumper for my very light Virgin Marathon Jacket and running cap to keep the sun out of my eyes.

me 171218

I have now completed my last long run before my marathon, I have 2 x 30 minute easy runs left but they will be between 10 & 11 mins per mile so it should be relaxing, I will probably put on an audio book and let my mind wander for both runs.

Todays run was: 10.02 mi | 1:22:25 | 8:14 min/mi. I am still hoping to run next weeks marathon in under 4 hours but we will wait and see 🙂

I am so exited about Sundays marathon, I have made my marathon day check list, printed all relevant maps, printed hotel booking details, 4 page car parking lists and the important marathon confirmation letter so that I can get my timing chip and number. I am washing my running kit as I write so hopefully I will have everything packed and ready by Wednesday which will give me plenty of time to check, re-check and RE-CHECK the list well before the weekend 🙂

I have big butterflies in my stomach but am so looking forward to Sunday.



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