This blog was created so I can write about me.

I always liked jogging and even ran a few half marathons in 2008/2009 and 2010 and a full marathon in 2011, I then rented an allotment plot for quite a few years which kind of put the jogging on hold.

Due to positive changes in my life (My wife going back to work) I gave up my allotment to be more helpful at home, I tried a few hobbies at home but it was not long before I started jogging again.

I ran the Portsmouth Coastal Waterside marathon on December 23rd 2018 in 3 hours 57 minutes, shaving over half an hour on my Edinburgh marathon in 2011 which was fantastic.

I have a half marathon booked for March and want to book another marathon later in the year.

This blog will be of all my hobbies – my marathon training, my motorbike, my camping trips, my woodworking projects (well the ones that don’t fall apart that is) and of course some random stuff thrown in 🙂