Catchup, marathon and more ☺

Wow, I cannot believe it’s been 3 months since I posted anything, don’t time fly!

Lots have happened since April, I got rid of the Nike watch and changed to a Garmin, absolutely fantastic, even though the watch was not the most expensive it is by far a better watch for me.

When getting back of my holiday in April i finally bought myself a set of scales and to my horror i had gained over 2 stone in a year, no wonder my jeans did not fit me on holiday😣

I am happy to say my weight as almost back to normal now, it took a lot of hard work but it was worth it!

I have kept up with the running and I am hooked.

I have even managed to get myself a place on the Portsmouth Coastal Marathon on December 23rd, I am so looking forward to this, The course looks fantastic, mostly flat and the views are supposed to be great.

I would love a sub 4 hour marathon but realistically it will probably be 4:20 or close, we will have to see, I ran a half marathon last Sunday and even though I was not pushing myself i was disappointed with the time (2:07), hopefully the next one will be better. I did run a 10k yesterday in 51 minutes so pleased with that.

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